Working so hard

It has been weeks since the last time I wrote an entry in here, and I must say that I have missed blogging so much. My daily schedule the past weeks was just so crazy that it didn’t allow me to update this blog that often. Having said that, I can’t really afford not to visit this personal blog for a month or two, because this has been a huge part of my life for years now.

Well anyway, time flies so fast. It is already 2013 and everyone of us is looking forward to what 2013 has to offer. I’m quite thankful that the first month of the year has been so great to me. My work and my personal life are both doing well. It’s just so timely since I badly need to work my butt off this year due to the fact that I have tons of bills to pay now ( lol! ). I have to look for more ways on how to earn more money this time and I believe I can find some useful tips online. I have been reading Tim Sykes lately and I found out something about suretrader which is pretty interesting. I need to research some more regarding this stuff though and let’s see if it would work for me.


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