Quite Busy...

I’m just too busy nowadays with stuff both online and offline that’s why I really have no enough time to write in this blog like I used to. However, I would really make it appoint to write here whenever I have spare time since I just so love this personal blog and I can’t afford not to update it for a month or two. In fact, I really feel guilty whenever I have no posts for a particular month since as much as possible, I want to have at least 2-3 posts each month since blogging is really a part of my life now and it’s really on top of list. It’s just that I need to really work my butt off these days, and do some online gigs aside from blogging. Well, I’m quite satisfied with what’s currently going on but I need to strive more and double or triple the effort in order to really achieve my goals for this year.

Well, I just hope that the interesting stuff that I’ve read online like how to get rich, or the things that Ramit had written and the likes would really work for me( LMAO ). So that I’ll no longer be working my buff off this hard and just do the stuff that I love to do like blogging, etc.( LMAO ).


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